Company History

Our company established in June 2005. Junction River Trading is involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of power. The company’s head office is located in Mandalay with project sites in Shan State (Muse, Nam Kham and Pan Sine), Mandalay Region (Myingyan, Taungthar, Ngazon & Nahtoegyi). Since JRT’s strip into the power business, Junction River Trading and associate with have implemented over 10 projects power-related in Myanmar. JRT’s client includes the Ministry of Electric Power as well as private sector players In the transmission and distribution sector, Junction River has experience in electrical installation of substation projects up to 66kV. Junction River Trading is currently building up capacity to undertake electrical installation of transmission line and substation projects for voltage levels up to 66kV. Guarantee the follow-up safe and stable operation of the power market. The management of production and operation plan, project planning and project transformation of substations and power supply stations in various places, subordinates are responsible for operation, maintenance, allocation and dispatch, and the management and control of materials, manpower, equipment and other expenses requires the establishment of special departments.